Board of Patrons

At the Board of Patrons leading people take part, who embrace the objectives of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 005, “The Liberation of the Netherlands”, it’s organization and activities. By connecting their names to RCL Branch 005 they support and provide us with a basis to present ourselves to the public. In this way people who are interested or other contacts can take notice of how the activities of the Royal Canadian Legion in particular Branch 005 are carried forward and recommended here in the Netherlands.

At November 29, 2013 during a luncheon at the RCL Branch 005 Clubhouse “Mondani” the members present of the Board of Patrons were installed. The entire Board of RCL Branch 005 participated. Unfortunately only a part of the Board of Patrons was able to attend because of busy schedules. They will be installed at another appropriate moment.

During the opening of the luncheon the President of RCL Branch 005 pronounced a warm welcome and made a short speech about the Royal Canadian Legion, it’s organization and objectives. Also how RCL Branch 005 tries to accomplish these goals.

The Board of Patrons consists of 10 individuals, whom are led by our Comrade Fred de Graaf as chairman of the Board of Patrons. During luncheon the President of RCL Branch 005 at first installed the Chairman and handed over the Certificate of Appreciation, the Legion lapel-pin and the RCL tie-pin. In a short speech the Chairman emphasized the importance of the Board of Patrons for RCL Branch 005. Next he went on with the instalment of the other members of the Board of Patrons.

Proudly and with honour we present to you the Board of Patrons of RCL Branch 005:

Chairman: Mr. mr G.J. de Graaf:

Former chair of the Dutch Senate, at present member of the First Chamber.

Acting Mayor of the Municipality of Bronckhorst.

The King’s Commissioner in Zeeland: Mr. J.J.M. Polman

The Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands: Hon. Mr. J. Lambert

The Mayor of Apeldoorn: Mr. J. Berends

The Mayor of Bergen op Zoom: Mr. F.A. Petter

The Mayor of Groesbeek: Mr. Ing H.W.C.G. Keereweer

The Mayor of Rijssen-Holten: Mr. A. Hofland

President of VIMAC Consultancy: Mr. R. Vellekoop

Member of the Board of Management Volker Wessels Stevin: Mr. A. Vos

Shareholder of Greenberg Traurig LLP Attorney: Mr. mr A. Ramanna