04a Commemorate

In general the Dutch are well familiar with the tremendous effort made by the Canadian forces for the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945 and of the large losses that were suffered. This was particularly the case with the Canadian commitment in the area of Zeeland-Flanders (the battle for The Scheldt River) and in the East of the Netherlands in the many battles waged against the armed forces of the German occupiers.

The three main Canadian military cemeteries in Netherlands: Bergen op Zoom (968 graves), Groesbeek (3422 graves), and at Holten (1394 graves) are the vivid proof of just how many Canadian soldiers were killed in our country in the fight against the German troops. It is important to bring to attention that these young Canadians, in their homeland, all had voluntarily reported to serve in the army.

Since the end of the war the fallen Allied soldiers are commemorated in the Netherlands, not only at the military cemeteries but also at other locations which remember us that Allied soldiers, airmen and sailors gave their lives for the restoration of freedom in Western Europe and therefore as such in the Netherlands. During these commemorations many people who attend, simply by their mere presence, pay their tribute to this.

It should be clear that the only Dutch branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 005 “the Liberation of the Netherlands”, in the field of commemorations in our country, organized by who ever, will as much as possible make it’s contribution. Our contribution consists of a ceremonially colourparty consisting of 6 to 7 branch members who will compose the Colour Party.

04 Commemorate