10 Membersship

The Royal Canadian Legion acknowledges three different forms of membership and as such:  The ‘ordinary’ member, the ‘associate’ member and the ‘affiliate’ member.

In practice there is not any visible difference between these three forms of membership. The laws and bylaws require that the installation of a new member can only be honored after the approval given by Dominion Command. For compelling reasons the branch executive has the authority to terminate a membership. The installation of new members is held during the annual general members meeting. The annual due is € 40,–.

RCL members who choose to take part in a Colour Party have the obligation to do so in a RCL uniform. For other members who do not choose to take part in a Colour Party wearing a uniform is optional. A RCL uniform comprises of a dark blue Colbert, light grey pants or dress, a dark beret, a legion necktie and the necessary legion emblems, buttons and pins. All items can be purchased with the aid of the Branch executive.

At present about 2/3 of our members do not wear a legion uniform which makes that about 1/3 does. It is not at all required or necessary to have had a military background when becoming a member of The Royal Canadian Legion. Nor is it necessary to have the Canadian nationality.

All members receive a membership card, a Legion Magazine from Canada every three months and a contact magazine from Branch RCL 005 every four months.

We are a small but very enthusiastic group of about 60 members who wish nothing more than to fulfill the Royal Canadian Legion mission statement and keep our Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion strong and vibrant. Therefore at present, we seek new members. If you become interested and agree that the memory of Canadian sacrifices here in The Netherlands must never be forgotten than you may consider becoming a member of our Branch. Anyone interested in the deeper meaning of what we do, who is wishing further information or is contemplating becoming a member is invited to contact us. We look forward in hearing from you.

If you wish further information about the Dutch Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion or like to receive a membership-application form please contact one of our Board Members via:

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