Board of Patrons


The Board of Patrons are leaders who embrace the objectives of the Royal Canadian Legion Liberation of the Netherlands Branch 005, it’s organization, and activities. By connecting their names to RCL Branch 005, they support and provide us with a basis to present ourselves to the public. In this way, the activities of the Royal Canadian Legion, in particular Branch 005, and how they are carried out are recognized and shared here in the Netherlands.

The Board of Patrons consists of 10 individuals:

Chairman: Mr. mr G.J. de Graaf

Former chair of the Dutch Senate,

The King’s Commissioner in Zeeland: Mr. J.J.M. Polman

The Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands: Hon. Mw L. Helfand

The Mayor of Apeldoorn: Mr. A.J.M. Heerts

The Mayor of Bergen op Zoom: Mr. F.A. Petter

The Mayor of  Berg en Dal: Mr. M. Slinkman

The Mayor of Rijssen-Holten: Mr. A. Hofland

President of VIMAC Consultancy: Mr. R. Vellekoop

Member of the Board of Management Volker Wessels Stevin: Mr. A. Vos

Shareholder of Greenberg Traurig LLP Attorney: Mr. mr A. Ramanna