General meeting

11 General Meeting

General members meeting

On 11 March 2004 the articles of association for the organisation, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 005, “The liberation of the Netherlands” were drawn up by the Notary Mr. Theodore Alexander Ritsema. The articles of association were set in accordance with the rules of Dutch law.

Article 15 of these Statutes states the following:
  1. To the General Assembly of the Association all powers are dedicated. Which, by law or the statutes, are not dedicated to the Board.
  2. Annually, no later than six months after expiry of an Association year, a General Members Assembly – the annual meeting – is held. At the annual meeting, among others the following is brought to the table:
    1. The annual report and accounts. This accompanied with the report of The Auditors.
    2. The appointment of the new Auditors Commission for the upcoming year.
    3. Providing in any vacancies.
    4. Proposals from the board or the members, announced in advance in the summons for the meeting.
    5. Other general meetings shall be held as often as the Board considers necessary.
    6. Furthermore, the Board, at the written request of at least the number of members which are empowered to cast one/tenth of the votes, is required to convene a general meeting within a term of no more than four weeks.