RCL shop

Page is to be replaced soon , however the info and link is still vallid

Legionnaires who wish to purchase the necessary Royal Canadian Legion items needed to put together their legion dress or other items from the Legion catalogue need to contact the Treasurer. The Treasurer takes care of branch inventory and if needed places an order with Customer Service of Legion Supply.

The purchase price of items ordered from the Branch catalogue are unavoidably raised by a proportionate part of the shipping and customs rate which is imposed on the branch. We never the less always attempt to find ways so as to avoid these costs. For example comrades or others after visiting Canada if possible, upon their return pick up and bring along back an order.

Always in shop inventory are:  Legion ties, tie clips, buttons, crests, pins and beret badges.

Other items ordered from the catalogue are bundled together with other orders and only placed once the total order is significant enough to be done. This once again in an attempt to save on the shipping prices.

The link provided below is an easy manner of browsing through the Legion catalogue. Keep your membership number at hand.