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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945

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About us

Royal Cana01 About usdian Legion Branch 005 is the only Royal Canadian Legion Branch in The Netherlands. Together with four other RCL branches which are located in Germany we form RCL Zone Europe. At present (2015) branch 005 has slightly less than 100 members, this is a major increase since past years. These members come from all parts of the country and although a good deal of them have a military background, this is not at all necessary. All of us have in one way or another a connection with Canada but most importantly, all of us hold ‘Keeping The Memory Alive’ and Remembrance in very high regard.

There is a slight difference between how the branches of the Legion in Canada or The Netherlands go about their business. One aspect that stands out is the community aspect. Large numbers of members surrounding their daily local meeting point in Canada is an excellent term for maintaining a strong local community service. In The Netherlands it must be quite clear that this aspect is very difficult to pursue. Members coming from all parts of the country is not the most optimal condition for a sense of community feeling, this with the exception of our various annual social events.

The aspect of Remembrance is the strong suit of The Netherlands Branch. Probably even stronger than it may be in Canada itself. By providing a RCL Colour Party at commemorations where Canadian sacrifices are commemorated RCL Branch 005 attempts to help the general public remain aware of the thought that our freedom came at a high cost and that those sacrifices may never be forgotten. Our presence and our role in the ceremony shows that we care and by showing this we hope to make others aware that commemoration is important and that it is worth never forgetting.

RCL members who choose to take part in a commemoration by being part of a Colour Party have the obligation to do so in a RCL uniform. For other members who do not choose to take part in a Colour Party wearing a uniform is optional. A RCL uniform comprises of a dark blue Colbert, light grey pants or dress, a dark beret(black), a legion necktie and the necessary legion emblems and buttons . At present about 2/3 of our members do not wear legion uniform . It is not at all required or necessary to have had a military background when becoming a member of The Royal Canadian Legion. Nor is it necessary to have the Canadian nationality.

Further information about our branch may be obtained  at the Contact page.