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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945


About Branch 005



The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 005, is the only Branch in the Netherlands. Together with four Branches in Germany, she forms the RCL Zone Europe. Our members are from all parts of the Netherlands. Many have a military background, but that is not necessary to become a member. However, each member has a special connection with Canada and the Canadians, in one way or another. The most important thing is that everyone values the commemorations and promotes and supports the ceremonies.

The commemoration and remembrance of especially our Canadian liberators, but also of the other Allies is a major binding factor in our country. The reason is presumably that many of them are buried in the Netherlands. By participating with the RCL Colour Party and / or a RCL delegation at commemoration ceremonies, we contribute to the memory of the fallen. Many, mostly young people made the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, for our freedom.

Lest we forget!