Zone meeting (Lochem) March 22

Zone meeting (Lochem) March 22

Statutory Zone Europe should meet twice a year. This always happens at one of the Branches of the Zone. This time we did not have to travel far. The entire party was our guest in the clubhouse of Branch 005 in Lochem.

The Zone Board was present as also the Board members of the other Branches. The board of Branch 005 was represented by the President, Secretary and Poppy Chairman. Not just a few RCL members but also members of other Branches had taken the opportunity to attend this meeting.

A little later than planned the Zone Commander Reg Bonner opened the meeting. He did welcome everyone and gave some explanation about his own health, which had not been good in recent months, but Reg is now getting better.

After this opening one passed on to the agenda of the meeting and the traditional meeting points were addressed. It was ascertained the membership numbers did not develop well in the Branches.

Branch 005 is the only Branch that shows an increasing number of members and therefore has become the largest Branch of Zone.

Thanks to the efforts of the Treasurer and of course the efforts of the Branch members in meeting the membership fee for 2014, Branch 005 received the Early Bird Award with a smooth rate of 85 +%. That is, Branch 005 has met its dues obligations (Captiva tax) to Dominion for more than 85% in January 2014. Bravo and compliment to everyone who has paid his dues on time.

Early Bird Award

Then the activities of Zone were examined. In addition, it has been noted that, due to fewer and fewer financial support from Dominion, Zone is no longer able to participate in the great commemorations including in Vimy, Liberation of Belgium (Adegem), Remembrance Day and the Liberation of the Netherlands. This is a major concern for the Zone Commander and that will be one of the focal points to find a work around with Dominion. Of course, one is present this year on the big commemorations in Holten, Apeldoorn and Wageningen.

Then the Branch representatives were asked to give their reports of the last half year. For Branch 005 President reported on a very successful half year. Some highlights from the report were of course the increasing number of members, it approaches the 100 members, the installation of the Board of Patrons and the fundraising for RCL Branch 005.

Also the successful Poppy Campaign is an activity where RCL005 is very proud of and of course the many the commemorations in which was already participated.

Our comrades from Germany were pointed out which key two years we are going to meet and that it will be a “pressure program” for Branch 005. All the help, also from the other Branches, is very welcome. With Branch 003 (Geilenkirchen) just across the border near Roermond, there will be conversations about the support they could assist in in the activities in the Netherlands. The report was enthusiastically taken notice of by the Zone Board and the other Branches. After the Zone Commander had heard all this, there was a round of questions of which however, none of the participants used and Reg Bonner could close the meeting around 4.30PM