Zone Meeting 23-march-2013

Last weekend, four members from the Board of RCL branch 005 traveled to the far off town of Geilenkirche in Germany. There, on March 23rd. under the umbrella of the Board of Zone Command Europe, a meeting was held. Delegations from the five different European branches attended. With a four member delegation RCL 005 turned out to be very well represented.


In the spacious Legion Hall of Branch 003, after arrival, we were hospitably greeted and treated to coffee and sandwiches and in such a manner we were able to recuperate from the journey.

The meeting itself was of course a summary of the up and downs of the Royal Canadian Legion in Europe. A meticulous report on this all can un- doubtfully soon be read on the site of RCL Zone Command.

In anticipation of this, it may be mentioned that not all in RCL Europe is going completely trouble free. In particular the aspect of Finance plays a role and its effect are one from which also RCL Europe cannot escape. The reversal of certain funds coming from Canada will certainly in future have its influence on Zone Europe. A challenge that will be taken and for which undoubtedly a solution will be found.

The representatives from the various branches in short turn, read their annual branch report. The President of RCL 005 undoubtedly must have done that with great pleasure. Ours was a listing of a very successful last half year. Compliments and applause given by the other comrades were gladly accepted by RCL 005 at the conclusion of the speech.


At the end of the meeting branch 005 president was called forward to accept a physical token of appreciation. Dominion Command from Canada had, in official recognition to RCL 005, awarded us with not the bronze, not the silver but the gold ‘ Membership Achievement Award ‘. This for our efforts in: ‘ The renewal and recruitment of members in its effort to increase membership ‘.  In short an appreciation for the joint efforts of all RCL 005 members for their work in increasing the numbers of RCL 005 membership. A recognition with which we are very pleased and for which all of us have been working hard for. A fantastic compliment to all members of RCL 005.

On the site a number of photos taken at the meeting and of the recognition will very shortly be posted.

Philip van Leeuwen

(Sgt-at-Arms RCL 005)