Vfonds will fund activities of RCL 005 in the Jubilee Year 2015

At the end of 2014 an application for funding was sent to the vfonds by RCL Branch 005 regarding the costs of the implementation of additional activities in the Jubilee Year 2015. The vfonds initiated an additional possibility for funding because numerous requests came in for this special Jubilee year. The application of RCL005 was approved fully. The board is obviously very much delighted because it gives an extra quality boost to commemorate and remembrance of our (Canadian) liberators. It will indeed be the last crown year, but RCL 005 will continue the legacy.

We will never forget ….

During the General Members Meeting on 22 February information will be announced in more detail.


Our activities for the Jubilee Year 2015 are sponsored by the vfonds with funds from the National Postcode Lottery and BankGiro Lottery. Your participation in this lottery is therefore recommended.