RCL 005 Archive

The RCL Branch 005 archive is the documentation of the history of RCL Branch 005.

The archives which are preserved by RCL 005 are a reference work and are accessible to anyone interested in the yet short existence of Branch 005. It involves:

  • Reports of commemorations in which RCL Branch 005 participated.
  • Reports of the unveiling of monuments where at Branch 005 was present.
  • Photo reports of commemorations.
  • Historical liberation photos.
  • Images of posters published in Canada during WWI and WWII.

But you can also read articles that have appeared in the Media during  RCL 005’s existence or find interesting stories in our archive which were written by RCL members.  (check drop-down menu)Het RCL Branch 005 archief is een historische documentatie van RCL Branch 005.