New Executive Committee RCL Zone Europe

During the Executive Board Meeting of RCL Zone Europe of July 8, 2018 a new Zone Board has been elected and installed, according to the applicable rules and regulations for the next 4 years.
The results of the elected Zone Board:

Zone Commander:                  Dan Saulnier. (Branch 003)
Dept. Zone Commander:       Martin Reelick (Branch 005)
Secretary:                                 Peter Bongers (Branch 005)
Treasurer:                                Stein Gammelo (Branch 003)
Sgt. at Arms:                           Philip van Leeuwen (Branch 005)
Poppy Chairman:                   Carla Prowley (Branch 003)

On behalf of Branch 005 President Gerard Hendriks congratulates all with this appointment.
Besides this he paid a tribute during the meeting to Valerie Laucke for her energy and effort she put in the last (sometimes difficult) years as Zone Commander.