RCL Dominion   Headquarters of the Royal Canadian Legion in Ottawa, Canada

RCL Zone Europe   Headquarters of the Royal Canadian Legion in Europe

Royal British Legion   An organization similar like the Royal Canadian Legion, with the same goal: We will never forget the fallen!

Welcome Again Veterans (NL)    An important point of contact for the Canadian veterans who want to commemorate their fallen comrades in the Netherlands, as in Holten (Ov)

Stichting Bevrijding 45 (NL)     The organization aims to organize activities related to the commemoration of the liberation of Apeldoorn in April 1945

Stichting 4 & 5 mei (NL)     The most important tasks of the foundation are to give direction, content and formation of remembering and celebrating the end of World War II on May 4 and 5

LiberationTour   Market Garden & Operation Veritable: An experience in Groesbeek!

The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 is an historical museum in Groesbeek covering the liberation of the Netherlands in 1944 and 1945, the events leading up to the liberation and the consequences thereof in a regional and international perspective.

Faces to Graves – A Dutch organisation which has been founded by members of RCL005 and aims to create a virtual monument for the fallen allied soldiers, buried at the Canadian War Cemetery in f.i. Groesbeek.

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