General Members Meeting 2015

General Members Meeting 2015

The General Members Meeting of February 22, 2015 started at the precise time. Later, it turned out that was just right, because there was many to discuss.

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Of course, the necessary procedures and protocols were observed. After some additional explanation by the President and the Treasurer about the financial statements it was agreed by the meeting. The cash audit Committee expressed great contentment with the financials. A new cash audit Commission was set in place for next year.

The President surprised two members: Gerard Visser and Howard Miller were awarded with the President’s Award and Certificate of Appreciation of RCL for their special achievements in the start-up and development of the Poppy Campaign of RCL005 in the last 10 years, especially in the region Kennemerland. These awards are only hand out for special services. Both men, therefore, were very proud to have been honoured.

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As mentioned, there was a full agenda. After the reports of the various committees, the next event on the agenda appeared instantly. The GMM approved the amendments proposed by the Board regarding the terms of reference and therefore also the formation of the board. Also a complete new board had to be elected. Again, the proposals by the Board were adopted by the General Members Assembly. There were no other candidates. The new members were sworn in.

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The attention then quickly went back to the following topics:

  • The Jubilee Year 2015. It is expected of everyone to contribute. Indeed, many things  remain to be resolved before we can welcome our liberators for all activities in early May this year. RCL005 is in the fortunate position that it has received a financial contribution from the vfonds for the additional activities to realize by the branch in 2015 for the Jubilee Year.
  • The Future of RCL Branch 005. The President indicated that he would like to exchange views with the members about the future of RCL005 as from 2016. Indeed, after the Jubilee Year 2015 it is expected that if nothing is done, a dip will occur in the activities around commemoration and memorial services. RCL005 strongly believes that this should not happen, but it will need to find a solution for the future. There are already thoughts and ideas, but participation of a creative mind is always welcome.

After the final questions, the new board of RCL went on to the swearing in of the new members, who were present at this moment in the GMM. An important event, which is taken very seriously by RCL.

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The President then closes the meeting.

In the report of the meeting all the details will be mentioned of course.

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