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Frequently RCL005 receives positive feedback about our website and the information it contains and made available to everyone, but particular for our members. Of course there are discussions and suggestions given about the content of the site, which we are pleased with. We are constantly working on improving the quality and perform check-ups to maintain integrity of the information on the site as we are doing so now. This takes a lot of time and it sometimes to the detriment of the speed at which information can arrive at everyone.

That is why since last year more and more frequent the messages and information about the branch is distributed on Facebook of RCL005. Particularly instantly after the end of events and commemorations the reports and pictures can be brought to you digitally. Impressive stories from events in the past or experiences of RCL members when they visited a special venue (see the battlefield tour of Berry and Yvonne Swarthoff, which was published very recently). A few editors are taking care of this. But also others can post messages. Those who are familiar with Facebook, are able to affirm that this is a fast and efficient way to get information quickly to a large group of people and tell them what you are doing as an organization.

Of course RCL005 remains sending messages and information to its members personally and we will also add the website with relevant information, pictures and the Newsletters of your President, in Dutch and the English language. But in addition we would like to use more modern communication methods like Facebook. So if you are able to, please visit Facebook of RCL005 and LIKE US. You will discover many beautiful stories and pictures and also the replies of people who visited our Facebook. Of course you can reply yourself and give RCL005 even more publicity, which is good for our goal: We will remember them. Please tell this to you family and friends, after all the younger generation needs to carry on the legacy of commemoration.

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