Coffee or tea … TO NEVER FORGET …

Coffee or tea … TO NEVER FORGETUitreiking Jubileum mok Can Amb 1-2

On January 6 the first mugs of the Jubilee Year 2015, 70 years of Liberation of the Netherlands,  have been presented as a gift to the staff and personnel of the Canadian Embassy in The Hague by Gerard Hendriks and Martin van de Poel, on behalf of RCL Branch 005.

This will emphasize the highly respected and appreciated co-operation between Canada and the Netherlands to make this Jubilee Year a very special year for our liberators. The Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. James Lambert, received the first personalized mug with a big smile.

There was a joyful meeting with the members of the task force, which has been created by the Canadian Embassy for the Jubilee Year 2015. After that all members of the Embassy were surprised with a similar mug. The response was heartwarming. It was marked as an excellent idea to be reminded every time over coffee or tea of the Jubilee Year 2015 and the selfless extra effort that one needs to deliver the coming period … .. and also a landmark for visitors!

A small gesture with a warm effect … ..

Mugs are soon to buy at ceremonies and commemorations through the RCL Branch 005


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