Thank You Canada and Allied Forces



National Committee Thank You Canada&Allied Forces (NYTYCAF)


In 2011, the board of NC TYCAF announced the tasks of the committee have been completed. After the celebration of the fifth anniversary in 1980, the NC TYCAF in 1990 initiated a major national program of commemorations and celebrations.

NC mentions only the liberators from the allied countries, not being from the Netherlands. The national program (5-year) was limited to 10 days from April 30 until May 9. In the program was ensured that no commemorations took place in Groesbeek, Bergen op Zoom and cavities on the same days and times.

The veterans participating in the national program of the five-year anniversary celebrations of the Liberation in 1945 were awarded a commemoration medal and his / her accompanist (s) a reminder pin. Those medals were mostly in the various municipalities issued by the mayor. This gave the moment an extra cachet.

In recent times the number of veterans who participated in the national program decreased significantly. Many are deceased or because of their validity are no longer able to come to the Netherlands. The number of local committees is therefore gone back from 240 in 1980 to 22 in 2010, which again some committees had indicated to stop participating in the five-yearly revenues. The justification for the various program elements was delegated at the various local organizing committees. . The NC coordinated the business , which created a good national program. Because of the pre-registrations there was a reasonable understanding of the numbers of veterans who wanted to participate in the program. The NC is assumed that the number of veterans attending at the Jubilee in 2015 will be very small. Moreover, it is assumed that the liberators who do not experience the liberation events for the first time, are properly informed and given their age have no need for a full program.

RCL Branch 005

Some tasks of the NC TYCAF do fit within the main objective of RCL Branch 005:

Fulfilling an active role in ceremonies at Canadian military cemeteries, monuments and ceremonies where fallen Allied soldiers from World War II are commemorated. In short, the commemoration and remembrance by promoting and maintaining an active role in our country.

The opinion of the board of RCL Branch 005 is that as long as there are liberators who want to come to participate in this five-yearly commemorations, the Netherlands RCL Branch 005 will take over these elements of the NC committee. The Board is convinced, partly after several conversations that a jubilee year could be celebrated once again. And yes, that will really be the last one. But as long as there are still allied liberators of the Netherlands who are able to share the experience like this anniversary year, the government in the Netherlands does not want our allied liberators deprive this opportunity. In addition, the RCL Branch 005 is already taking up an active role in the major commemorations mentioned and liberation parade in Wageningen. The closing ceremony on May 9, 2010 was  partly a great success due to the participation of the Colour Party.

Mission: The mission and goal of RCL Branch 005 is keeping the effort and sacrifices of our Canadian and allied liberators permanent and alive in every way possible. With the adoption of a number of key tasks of the NC.TYC & AF we have taken it upon us to set up a program for activities and commemorations also of the other Allied Forces in the jubilee year 2015. Despite the decline of visiting Canadian war veterans and /or their family members, or other Allied Forces veterans and their families, veterans still come to the Netherlands annually. The demand for information and intelligence in all areas are increasingly being asked to RCL Branch 005. It is a responsibility to RCL Branch 005 to assist these veterans and their families, and to support them where possible. All this within the financial possibilities of RCL Branch 005.

The message that needs to be addressed is: maintain the commemoration of the liberation and show interest in our Canadian and allied liberators. It is a laudable point RCL 005 would form a contact point and seek help to shape a cordial, warm liberation celebration.