ALV February 2014

ALV February 2014

It was a good 10th General Members Meeting of RCL Branch 005 on February 22, 2014. The Board of RCL Branch 005 was held accountable by the members for the activities in 2013. The meeting was held as usual in our clubhouse Mondani Lochem. The attendance was good and also many new members did come to the GMM. After everyone had sat down, the President opened the meeting and had a short welcome speech. The meeting went quickly, while still also plenty of room for discussion.

A short summary of the report of the President:

A very busy year with many highlights took quite a lot of time for preparation

The participation in 2013 with great success to many ceremonies and revelations. Not only the known commemorative events, but also new commemorations we were invited to. RCL Branch 005 is more and more known by people now.

The Poppy campaign was more successful than ever.

The website, accessible worldwide, attracts many visitors and generates as a result a lot of questions.

The number of members is increasing steadily. We have almost achieved our goal of 100 members now. There may be many more. So just continue to recruit.

But the best and most important of the past year and that is because of the good atmosphere, is the willingness of our members to actively participate in projects or offer their service to the Board. Bravo and thank you all. Let us continue this way.

The cash audit committee reported that the treasurer had done his task well and complimented him for his work. The committee asked the GMM to discharge the treasurer.


1 – During the GMM was decided on a small fee of € 25 per day, when participating in the Colour Party or as a wreath laying representative which occurs at official occasions on behalf of RCL Branch 005. The amount if desired, can be donated by the RCL member to “Friends of RCL”.

2 – The policy proposal of the Board to adopt the mindset of Thank You Canada & Allied Forces was accepted unanimously. Now the board can step into action and continue with the organization.

As a final act several new members were installed and adopted in the RCL community by pronouncing the pledge. These members are: Loes Hendriks-Boltong, Korrie Aalst, Gerda Ribbers-Meyerink, Toon van Bussel, Peter Mensink and Eelco de Zee.

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