April 24: Signing of the Agreement with NC TYC&AF

April 24: Signing of the Agreement with NC TYC&AF

After about two years of negotiations and with the consent the General Members Assembly of RCL Branch 005 on February 22 the green light appeared to sign the agreement with NC TYC & AF (Thank You Canada & Allied Forces). After consultation of NC TYC&AC it was decided to it would take place on April 24th.

The Canadian Ambassador in the Netherlands, Mr. James Lambert, suggested to be host of this important event in the history of RCL Branch 005 and offered it should be held on the Canadian Embassy.

Carefully observed by the Ambassador the Chairman of the Nationaal Comité, Jhr. Mr. Beelaerts van Blokland and secretary Mr. Albert Hartkamp, signed the agreement on behalf of NC TYC&AF. President Gerard Hendriks and Vice President Martin Reelick signed on behalf of the Board of RCL Branch 005.

Many guests did attend this special moment for the Netherlands and complimented the Board of RCL Branch 005; also to offer their help and assistance for the liberation anniversary year 2015.

Please read the information on the website in the near future: www.rcl005.nl

The website contains pictures, reports, the calendar and important news items about RCL Branch 005, “The Liberation of the Netherlands”, also related to the Jubilee Anniversary year 2015.


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