11 november Remembrance Day

11 november Remembrance Day

A Day to remember………

Every year, particularly on November 11th, in the Anglo-Saxon countries those who gave their life for our freedom are commemorated. To pay respect and show one may never forget, Poppies are being hand out to the public. One wears the Poppy from three weeks before until Remembrance Day at November 11th.

In the Netherlands the Royal Canadian Legion, as a part of the Canadian organisation, is committed to this way of honouring our liberators. To give everyone the opportunity to participate in this commemoration the Dutch Remembrance Sunday was installed at the Sunday closest to November 11th. The commemoration starts with a ceremony in Apeldoorn at the Loolaan near the monument “The man with the two hats”. Many youth always attend to secure the memory for the future. Here the Poppies also play an important role.

The entire year RCL Branch 005 pays attention to wearing the Poppies at commemoration services. The period prior to Remembrance Day there are specific locations at which there is special attention; for instance this year in Doetinchem, Zandvoort, Heemstede en Bergen op Zoom where the first Poppies are pinned upon the lapels of the Mayors of these municipalities. After that Poppies are spread among the public in shopping malls or on October 27 at the commemoration ceremony at the Canadian War Cemetery in Bergen op Zoom.

There are members of RCL Branch 005 who are personally involved at the distribution of the Poppies, for instance at our Club House, Restaurant Mondani in Lochem or at several museums. Also members who join in events and ceremonies with old military vehicles (KTR) or re-enactment performances. So you can encounter them at many places.

Most important reason remains why we do this. We will never forget what November 11th and the Poppies stand for.

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