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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945

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Monument Apeldoorn

“The man with two hats”

All Anglo-Saxon countries commemorate their fallen on November 11th. That date commemorates the Armistice of the Great War. November 11th, the end of the First World War, is also the date on which for the Veterans of World War II commemorations take place. These commemorations are usually not held at cemeteries but more often at liberation monuments.

Apeldoorn has a very close relationship with Canada as with the Canadian Veterans and has erected a monument at local landmark “The Needle”. The monument symbolizes the double emotion; on the one hand the joy of liberation, on the other hand, the sad memory of the victims. “The man with two hats” also represents the alliance of the Netherlands with Canada. In Apeldoorn a statue has been placed and a same statue has been erected in a park in Ottawa, Canada (see two photographs below).

These two figures very symbolically face each other. Every year The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 005, organizes the commemoration. As a member of the Legion, you may also certainly contribute to the commemoration. It is rewarding to see just how much attention there (still or again) is. Every year, the number of visitors, guests and children seem to grow.