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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945


Recruitment leaflets

An online version of our recruitment folder: click here

To keep you informed as to the locations where members of RCL 005 have dropped off RCL 005 recruitment flyers and to prevent that these addresses are visited twice I wish to provide you with a summery of the locations which have already been visited. Locations where as of 1-1-2013, RCL Branch 005 recruitment brochures have been made available:

Canadian Embassy in The Hague.

Hotel Baars in Harderwijk. (Has a traditional bond with Canadians)

City museum of Harderwijk.

Museum ‘ IJssel line ‘ at Olst.

Military Historical Museum “De veteran” in the town of Eefde.

Information centre at the Canadian military cemetery in Holten.

Restaurant Mondani in Lochem.

Air War and Resistance Museum ‘Crash’ in Aalsmeerderbrug.

VVV/ANWB in Roosendaal.

VVV Arnhem/Nijmegen Region.

Town hall in Ede.

Foundation ‘Together for Ede’.

Veteran’s sociëteit in Ede.

Liberation museum 1939-1945 in Groesbeek.

Mill in management of the Mill Foundation in Etten.

Re-enactment group ‘ The Maple Leaf ‘ in Bergen op Zoom.

VVV in Almere Stad.

Shop of family van Wijngaarden in Brunssum (Trendy’s).

WW II Memory Museum in Nijverdal.

Canadian Allied Forces 1940-1945 museum in Groningen.

Museum Liberating Wings in Best.

War and Resistance Museum Liberty Park in Overloon.

Recruitment booth of the Bond van Wapen Broeders (Brothers in Arms).

War museum Le Poliu (The Gun Powder House) in Alkmaar.