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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945

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Executive Board:

RCL Branch 005 is led by an executive board consisting of at least five to a maximum of nine members. At this moment the following board members are being elected during an annual General Members Meeting for a period of two years: The President, the First Vice President, the Second Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Liaison Officer. Because of the special character and special qualities with regards to the positions of Poppy Chairman and Sgt at Arms these positions are being appointed by unanimous decision of the executive board. The Poppy Chairman and the Sgt at Arms are also executive board members. The Past President resides in this position immediately and automatically after he ends his position as current President.

Gerard Hendriks


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The president leads the Branch and shall act as Chairman during board meetings and General Member Meetings. He maintains the external contacts both nationally and internationally and represents the Branch at commemorations, unveiling and other ceremonial events. He develops initiatives which lead to the optimal operation of the Branch and the mission which it stands for.



Past President

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The last president after his resignation automatically and immediately becomes the position of Past President. This ensures continuity to the new board. The Past President is present at the board meetings and advices the board in any way he is able to. He acts as “Installing Officer” at the installation of new members.


Martin Reelick


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The First Vice President shall act where necessary to replace the President in his absence. He is responsible for granting Legion awards and is appointed with Membership Chairman for the recruitment of members. He is the webmaster and responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the site of the Branch.


Eelco de Zee


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The Secretary implements all secretarial duties such as handling of mail through any media, preparing the agenda and the minutes of Executive and General Member Meetings. He is responsible for capturing and maintaining transactions, contracts and membership records. He provides RCL Zone Europe and RCL Dominion Command (un)requested information. The Secretary maintains contacts for administrative and organizational matters and is responsible for the processing. He advices the board in any way he is able to on the organization of the Branch.


Martin van de Poel


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The Treasurer manages the financial resources of the Branch and maintains the financial part of the membership records. He maintains contact with RCL Dominion Command for the Legion Magazine and the membership records. The Branch shop is the responsibility of the Treasurer and it is his task to carry out purchase and sale of Branch articles. He is also active in fundraising activities for the Branch.

Bank details: see the contact page at this website


Yvonne Swarthoff – Klein Beekman

Liaison Officer

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The Liaison Officer gives effect to organizing social events (such as f.i. the New Year reception and Canada Day), and acts as liaison with our Clubhouse Mondani in Lochem. The Liaison Officer also manages the flags, equipment and (rain)coats used by the participants of the Colour Party. She has to ensure these attributes are always in perfect condition and ready for use.


Martin Reelick

Sergeant at Arms

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The position of Sgt at Arms is appointed by the board. This role requires special skills. The position  is re-appointed at the re-election of a new board. The Sgt at Arms leads the Colour Party at a Branch-related event. In case of absence, he has to appoint a deputy Sgt at Arms or Colour Sgt. He takes care for the information and operational instructions to RCL Branch 005 members at a deployment of the Branch Colour Party. In cooperation with the RCL Zone Europe Sgt at Arms the Branch 005 Sgt at Arms takes care of the deployment of RCL Branch 005 members at a RCL Zone Europe related event which need a Colour Party. The Sgt at Arms of RCL 005 makes contact and maintain this contact with responsible organizations regarding representation during the various ceremonies.


Danny Murphy

Poppy Campaign Chairman

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The position of Chairman Poppy Campaign is appointed by the board. This role requires special skills. The position  is re-appointed at the re-election of a new board. The Chairman Poppy Campaign is chairman of the task force Poppy Campaign in the Netherlands. He is responsible for the organization and implementation of various Poppy events. He reports the Poppy Campaign results to the board, the ALV and financial managers. The Chairman works closely with the Second Vice President in the annual Poppy Campaign.