Celebration of 10 Years RCL 005

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Celebration 10 Year anniversary RCL 005

Sunday September 8, 2013 appeared to be a joyful busy afternoon in the clubhouse of RCL Branch 005. The Branch celebrated her 10th anniversary. Many comrades (also new members of RCL Branch 005) came to Lochem and enjoyed the nice weather and treats which were passionately prepared by Berry and Yvonne Swarthoff and the crew of Restaurant Mondani.

10 years is a significant milestone on which the current President of RCL Branch 005, Gerard Hendriks, took a moment of attention. He started with a warm welcome to everyone, especially to Col. Janine Knackstedt, Canadian Military Attaché in the Netherlands and her partner Richard Nageleisen. He also read out a message from RCL Zone Commander Reg Bonner, who was unable to be present because of his obligations during the ceremony for the liberation of Belgium at this weekend.


The exact date of the founding of RCL Branch 005 turned out to be a discussion.

Was it August 24, 2003 when Zone Commander Thomas Andrews in the presence of the Canadian Ambassador the Honourable Serge April, Fred de Graaf Mayor of Apeldoorn and many comrades as future members of Branch 005 held the inaugural meeting at the town hall in Apeldoorn? Or was the correct date October 10, 2003, according to the Charter which was then handed over to Branch 005? Or was it March 11, 2004, when the statutes of RCL Branch 005 were signed? Gerard described this as “a difficult birth.” Ultimately, August 24, 2003 was pointed out as correct date of the founding of RCL Branch 005, “The Liberation of the Netherlands”.

Gerard also recalled the effort that was made by the comrades and the board of RCL in the development and design of a well tooled Colour Party, set up a membership database with members throughout the Netherlands, the many changes to the board, establish a good Poppy Campaign, the formulation and implementation of the objectives of “Commemorating and Remembering” and many other additional matters.

The former first Board consisted of:

6President         : Mark Hoedeman;

Vice President : Marga Timmermans;

Vice President : Jan van Loo;

Secretary         : Corine Poot;

Treasurer         : Piet Polderdijk;

Sgt at Arms     : Hendrik Kuiper.

Gerard invited them to come forward (Jan van Loo was not present due to his holiday), so that especially the new members could meet them and he could hand out a Certificate of Appreciation as thanks for their greatly appreciated efforts.

Besides this ceremony there was also a special word of thanks to the current Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands, James Lambert and his staff, especially comrade William Pound, who had organized the first fundraising event for RCL Branch 005. Also the efforts of comrade Fred de Graaf in particular the formation of a Committee of Recommendation for RCL Branch 005 were very valuable.

After this (rightly) appreciation Gerard finished his speech and invited everyone to enjoy the sunny afternoon, the delicious buffet and each other’s companionship. These were the right words, because it all ended up in an animated talk and ultimately the successful afternoon ended around 6PM.

Some pictures from this afternoon are in the album (link).

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