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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945

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Unveiling monument E.D. Harrison

June 10 2014: Unveiling monument in Leuth (near Nijmegen, Holland)


Ernest Harrison



rthur John Harrison and his younger brother Ernest David Harrison (20 years) went to Europe in 1944. Just like many Canadians they lost both their lives while fighting for the liberation of Europe. The oldest brother was KIA on June 10, 1945 not far from Juno Beach where he landed.

The younger brother was killed by a machine gun in the night of January 27, 1945 when he was on a patrol to explore the German defences in the Ooij polder near the little village Leuth ten kilometres east of Nijmegen.

The oldest brother was buried in Bretteville sur Laize (France) with a grave stone with his name on it. But Ernest was never  found.

Recently the sister of both brothers Beatrice Messinger-Harrison discovered a letter from just after WW 2 written in 1947 by a German medic & reverend who was at the place where Ernest was killed. He had found the prayer book of Ernest with the address of his parents and wrote a letter to his mother in which he told her that Ernest had had a Christian funeral and also the exact location of the field grave of Ernest.

However after a careful research by the Dutch Grave Service the remains of Ernest were never found. Probably they were washed away by the river Waal, because during the start of Operation Veritable (the end of January/February 1945) the Germans had blown up all the dikes along the river and the Ooij polder was completely under two metres water.

Beatrice Speech                                                      Beatrice Poppies

On June 10, 2014 a monument was unveiled by their sister Beatrice between the place where he probably died and the place where his field grave might have been with a short but wonderful and moving ceremony.

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