Northern Lights Charity Dinner Dance Fundraising



Inspired by an extraordinary natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, the second annual fundraising evening was organized on 14 November by the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands. The Canadian Ambassador, Mr. James Lambert and his wife Mrs. Alexandra Echeverria-Lambert were hosts at the Canadian residence in Wassenaar for about 150 invited guests, all bringing a warm heart towards Canada and the charity purpose of this evening.

The Northern Lights is characterized by its exceptional beauty and unpredictable colors and shapes. This was also the approach for the fundraising evening. Enjoying every different Canadian dish like delicious smoked salmon, lobster and grilled bison, but also sipping the appropriate Canadian wines and other drinks, which led to a superior dessert of Restaurant Mondani, the home kitchen of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 005.



In between raffle tickets were sold, which gathered the charity revenues for this evening and beautiful prizes and were there to win. Of course, with a grand prize: two tickets to Canada. The proceeds of the evening will be donated to the RCL Branch 005 in the Netherlands and the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC). Two organizations that strongly promote the social care of the (Canadian) community. A brief description can be read (in English. CLICK)

The evening was very pleasant to all honoured guests, there was animated talking, discussing, dancing and a lot of laughs. Unfortunately, the President of RCL Branch 005, Gerard Hendriks, was unable to attend due to hospitalization, and he could not personally address a word of gratitude to the hosts and guests. Therefore, a word of great thanks to the Canadian Ambassador and his wife, the organizing staff, but also the generous donors of the evening is the least RCL Branch 005 can speak out.

Next year an event as such is definitely worth repeating. Thank you all!

Of course, there are pictures of this evening in the picture gallery of RCL CLICK