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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945

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Memorial of H. F. Wakeman

Remembrance at the monument of H. F. Wakeman in Veenendaal

CIMG6326October 5, 1944 around 1PM, an English bomber aircraft (type Typhoon) crashed at “De Klomp” in Veenendaal. According to the story of an eyewitness who was at the memorial service, this happened because the aircraft was hit by a bomb thrown by its own air force planes flying at a higher altitude. The Typhoon of the Royal Canadian Air Force with pilot, the 22 year old Harold Frederick Wakeman from Weston , Ontario Canada exploded in the air. The pilot was killed instantly.

Wakeman has been buried in Veenendaal. His grave was adopted in 1946 by the local fire department and since that time there was a memorial service on May 4th. From this year, one intends to carry out the service at the day of his death, October 5th. RCL005 was present for  the first time with a Colour Party. It is a very modest commemoration, but of the same importance as any other. After all Harold Frederick Wakeman gave his life for our freedom and that we must never forget.

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