Remembrance Etten 31-march-2013

Herdenking in Etten 2013 On 31 March 2013 a RCL 005 Colourparty attended the remembrance of the liberation of Etten (GDL) in 1945. Mobilizing a Colourparty on Easter Sunday is not simple, but on that specific date the people of Etten were liberated and the victims of the liberation fell on that particular day.

Traditionally many inhabitants of the little village were present for the occasion. Canadian flags hung down from church towers, windmills and houses in Etten ensuring the right atmosphere.

Two new RCL 005 comrades took part in a six man RCL 005 Colourparty. Also two bag pipers of the City of Apeldoorn ensured for an impressive but yet solemn atmosphere.

The memorial in Etten is always a well-organized event with speeches from the organizing committee, the Mayor and the local priest. As always ceremonial music completes the event and this time there was a demure ladies choir with beautiful songs. On behalf of RCL 005 a wreath was laid.

The organization in Etten indicated that, the liberation of the village and the sacrifices made, will always remain in the memory of the people of Etten throughout many generations to come. The RCL 005 Colourparty is surely to be part of that. Of course we appreciated and accepted that courteously.

The evening ended in a gathering in the old village Mill. Many thanks to the participating comrades.

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