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The Netherlands Liberated in 1944/1945

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Commemoration Netterden 28 March 2015.

Commemoration Netterden 28 March 2015.

Many thanks to: Marc van Aken

For the first time in 70 years after the liberation of Netterden there was a memorial service organized by “De Vereniging Leefbaar Netterden” to remember the liberation of their village.
Netterden was one of the first villages which was liberated during operation Plunder and Varsity.
An operation with the goal to make the crossing over the Rhine, taking the Ruhr area and from there martch up to Berlin.
After a warm welcome with coffee all invitees went to the Church for a memorial service followed by a Piano concert.
The RCL Branch 005 was present with a Colour Party and entered last into the Church.
Also present was Mayor Johan Diks from the nearby town Emmerich who indicated in his speech that the events from the period 40-45 sign the lives of many people even in these days.
Very special was the coöperation with the German neighbours from Emmerich. A large number of school children from Netterden and Emmerich have worked for weeks with an artist Emeke Buitelaar to make a sofa of concrete, lined with mosaic tiles later.

Netterden -
(Foto: Gelderse Post)

Also they have placed a monument on the entrance of the village in memory of the 10 killed Canadian soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of Netterden. Very special was that one of the daughters of a deceased soldier unveiled the monument and read the name of her father in the monument.
Despite the very bad weather and high winds there was a very large attendance, even TV Gelderland was present.
Afterwards the RCL Branch 005 marched with guidance of the Schutterij back to the village and did fly the Colours despite the high winds …. it was impressive to see.
Netterden certainly can look back on a very special commemoration.